Transformer Pads


Save big when you buy directly from the manufacturer. Precast concrete pads for Duke Energy small and large transformer pads. Numerous additional sizes available. Call us if you don't see what you're looking for, we make custom sized pads as well. Bulk discounts available.

Transformer Pad Information:

Available Transformer Pads

We make concrete pads for Duke Energy Transformers and other various sizes.

Duke Energy Pads

Duke Small Transformer Pad 66×82x6"
Duke Large Transformer Pad 98×104x6"
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Concrete Transformer Pads

Transformer Pad 40″x45″x4″ Single Phase (25-167KVA)
Transformer Pad 56″x50″x4″ Single Phase
Transformer Pad 40″x45″x4″ 1 Phase (25-50KVA)
Transformer Pad 52″x44″x4″ 1 Phase (75-250KVA)
Transformer Pad 60″ x 39″ x 4″  200A/600A SG Pad
Transformer Pad 75″x60″x7″ 3 Phase (75-500KVA)
Transformer Pad 87″x82″x7″ 3 Phase (750-2500KVA)
Transformer Pad 66″ x 74″ x 4″ 3 Phase URD Transformer
Transformer Pad 96″ x 76″ x 6″ 3 Phase URD Transformer
Transformer Pad 96″ x 96″ x 6″ 3 Phase URD Transformer
Transformer Pad 100″ x 96″ x 6″  3 Phase URD transformer
ORLANDO UTILITY COMMISSION Transformer Pad 72″ x 90″ x 10″
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Design Specification Sheets:

OUC Transformer Pad Spec Sheet
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Customer Testimonials

"You guys are the best! Great product and amazing customer service."
"It is so nice to pick up the phone and be able to talk to someone and get an order out immediately."
"Wow, I can't believe how fast I got my pads. The previous company I used to order pads from normally took about a month to ship the pads. I am so glad I found you guys"